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Ogden Lining and Coatings is proud to serve all your spray on coating needs for commercial or personal equipment

Spray-Lining & Coatings’ Polyurea by Ogden Lining and Coatings is Warranted Lifetime, for real.

Truck, Jeep, Marine, Trailer equipment: Prepped & pure polyurea 2 to 3 times thicker & stronger than:

Line-X, Reflex, Rhino Linings, Toff, Vortex, Arma Coatings, ArmorThane, SPI, Scorpion Coatings or Speedliner. The lowest price per square foot at 125 mil (1/8 inch). Why? Because polyurea cost us less without it’s branded expense, so OL&C applies MORE of it. It’s that simple.

Locate best service vs price: Compare with every spray-on lining or coatings applicator (competition page link) then verify warranty SEE FACTUAL WARRANTY vs any brand. Ogden Lining and Coatings plans more job types than truck bedliners, SL&C truck bed liner is fully customizable in color, hardness and texture.

Located  in Ogden, UT on Industrial Drive, Ogden Lining and Coatings repairs & warrants faulty, misrepresented or fake DIY sprayed-lining.  Using SL&C, we correct Line-X complaints – too thin, Rhino Linings complaints, TuffGrip is too soft / not uv stable.  All bedliner brands as above are thickened and rebounded by  SLC certified polyurea-prep method. SL&C polyurea solution etches through old, worn or faulty lining re-bonding, renewing by renewed Spray-on Lining type Coatings.

Rip-Off Repair: OL&C renews, re-fabricates, repairs, reinstalls misapplied, misrepresented, incorrectly prepared, erroneously installed non-brand or brand name spray-on Lining(s) upon:

  • Agricultural facilities, public jobbing, electrical insulation applications
  • Poor quality truck bed liners
  • Farm equipment and trailers coated too thin, wrong coating materials
  • Brand linings worn on truck fleets
  • Any truck bed undercoating for new take off truck beds
  • Corroding industrial equipment
  • Complete Jeep and off-road vehicle exteriors
  • Boats and watersport equipment 

Serving clients owning top-notch equipment with “better” materials and application technique. We always provide the best deal in Utah with best bedliner price, best service and warranty in the business.  Supersede surrounding area Rhino Linings or Line-X. Get strongest truck bed liner available in Ogden, Utah and surrounding areas North of Salt Lake City, always check out others then contact us.

Protect all your equipment from weathering and everyday use with ALCS polyurea manufactured by Spray-Lining and Coatings!

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You can also call our Spray-Lining and Coatings support representative directly at 1-855-545-4900